Color your journey with BOAT RACE !

Basic BOAT RACE Information

3 laps counterclockwise

After passing the starting line, the boats vie for the lead by racing around the 1st- and 2nd-turn markers in order, completing 3 laps around the dedicated course (3 laps @ 600 m/lap = 1800 m).

The unique way races start

Unlike the "standing start" used in athletic events, BOAT RACE employs the "flying start" system in which boats must pass the starting line within a designated time frame.

From warm-up to start

The 6 boats "pit-out" all at once, but before crossing the starting line, they warm up by sprinting clockwise around marker 2 and the shortcut prevention buoy.

Flying (F) and Late (L) starts

In BOAT RACE, a boat can take the advantage by passing the starting line ahead of all the others.
If a boat crosses the line too early before the needle on the giant clock hits 0, it's called a "flying start" (F). If it crosses too late after the needle hits 1, it's called a "late start" (L).
In either case, the boat is scratched from the race and the bets on that boat are refunded. Be sure to hang on to your betting ticket.

Basic Information about BOAT RACE

A day-long racing session includes 12 races.

6-boat contest

BOAT RACE is a competition in which 6 boats race to the finish line.
The boat racers' uniforms and boats are color-coded as follows:

  • Boat 1 = White
  • Boat 2 = Black
  • Boat 3 = Red
  • Boat 4 = Blue
  • Boat 5 = Yellow
  • Boat 6 = Green


For each race, the odds (that is, the payout, or the multiple paid upon winning) are displayed on monitors inside the BOAT RACE stadium, on the jumbo screen, and on the website.
For example, if you predict the order 1-3, the odds (payout) would be 8.4 times the amount of your bet.

How to fill out the OMR (Optical Mark Recognition) betting card

  1. Stadium
    For an OMR betting card with all 24 BOAT RACE stadiums listed on it, fill in the stadium where you are placing your bet.
  2. Race number
    Fill in the race number to bet on.
  3. Bet type
    Fill in the type of bet you wish to make.
  4. 1st, 2nd, 3rd
    Fill in the numbers of the boats to bet on.
    For Trifecta or Trio bets, fill in the boat numbers up to third place. For Exacta or Quinella bets, fill in the boat numbers up to second place.
  5. Fill in the amount of your bet.
    To specify a number like 12, fill in 10 and 2.
  6. Fill in the units of the amount of your bet.
    You can specify 100, 1,000, or 10,000 yen.

Types of OMR betting cards

  • Key
    This is a way to place multiple bets on one or two key boats.
  • Box
    This is a way to bet on all possible combinations of the selected boats.

Types of betting tickets

There are a total of 7 types of betting tickets. You can buy any ticket from as little as 100 yen.

Type Winning Terms Winning Odds Winning Numbers
Win Pick the boat that finishes in first place. 1/6
Place-Show Pick the boat that finishes within the first two places. 1/3
Exacta Pick the exact two boats that finish first and second in order. 1/30
Quinella Pick the two boats that finish within the first two places. 1/15
Trifecta Pick the exact three boats that finish first, second, and third in order. 1/120
Trio Pick the three boats that finish within the first three places. 1/20
Quinella-Place Pick any combination of two of the top three winners. 1/5