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BOAT RACE is now a hot topic among travelers.
This site will help you learn more about this fascinating event.


BOAT RACE is a motorboat race in which six boats compete against each other. It is also a leisure activity that can be enjoyed as Japanese publicly managed gaming (sports gambling). BOAT RACE originated in Japan, and you can feel every part of the Japanese culture.

Everyone Can Enjoy

BOAT RACE is an extensive leisure activity where you can enjoy watching sports, betting, eating, sightseeing, etc.
Among the many sightseeing spots in Japan, BOAT RACE is considered popular and it has an appeal to men and women, children and adults alike!


There are 24 racetracks across Japan, each offering its own unique cuisine. You can enjoy the gourmet food of each BOAT RACE track while watching the race.


It’s a game where you bet on who will win out of six boats.
You make your choice from a variety of betting rules.
Betting is available from 100 yen, so even beginners can enjoy it!

One Day Plan

There will be 12 rounds of racing in one day!
A wide range of times are available, from morning to midnight. You can enjoy the race at any time of the day while sightseeing in Japan!


There are many unique BOAT RACE tracks scattered throughout Japan. After watching the race, you can enjoy traditional local food that you can’t find anywhere else.

Let's enjoy

There are 24 locations, and you will always find a location to enjoy BOAT RACE during your stay in Japan!

Racing Schedule

Kyushu Chugoku Shikoku Kanto Tokai Kinki


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